Who are we?

Fable Bytes was created by two people, an artist and a gamer - entirely in love with the fascinating worlds of video games, movies, books, and all things geeky and fun. As fans of these works, we capture favorite moments, situations, experiences, and stories from them - fables - to share with like-minded fans, so that we can all connect to them, re-live them, and cherish them.

Bite-sized fables for your apparel and accessories!

At the same time, we wanted to create something people would actually wear, prompting us to go for a more minimalistic approach with no unnecessary visual clutter. Our designs are classy and timeless as the stories that inspired them - so you can wear them in, and match them with, casual and formal outfits and situations.

All designs are hand drawn.

We are constantly adding new designs and items so, stay awhile and listen ;)

Some of our favorites

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